Monday, January 10, 2011

A Tragedy

As one who more closely identifies with Republicans than Democrats, I have no particular love lost for the ideologies on the liberal side of the aisle.

But as an American, I find the assassination of an elected official of any stripe to be the most repugnant act conceivable from a civilized populace. There is a reason that so many assassination attempts come at the hands of the deranged: quite simply, it takes a certain amount of narcissistic insanity to believe that murdering another person will change the world for the better.

Although I cannot say that I am surprised, I was appalled to see the aspersions that were immediately and groundlessly being cast upon political opponents in the face of the events unfolding in Tucson. At a time when Americans were unified in mourning over an unspeakable and treasonous tragedy, some chose to stick a knife in their neighbors' backs. That sort of behavior is irresponsible, unacceptable, and reprehensible to its very core. Indeed, it enables the unstable mind of a murderous lunatic to exert control over public discourse in such a way as embarrasses us as a nation.

Go ahead and hate Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin; such is your right. But do not give them greater power than they already have. Do not lay at their feet the blame for things which are clearly beyond their control. At the very least, have the decency to wait until the facts- not mere suppositions, but solid facts- are on your side.

Here's pulling for Representative Giffords. And shame be upon all those who are either indifferent are who would use this to their own advantage. That kind of cynicism has know place in a civilized society.

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