Tuesday, February 22, 2011

101 Ironic Politician Deaths

Ralph Nader: strangled to death by a seatbelt

Bill Clinton: choking on a cigar/ lack of blood to the brain

Jan Brewer: struck by a bus full of illegal aliens fleeing Arizona

Jennifer Granholm: smothered by a falling stack of unemployment applications

George W Bush: beaten to death by anti-war pacifists

Al Gore: hypothermia

Dick Cheney: lead poisoning

any TEA partier: in a government hospital

any Congressman: trichinosis

Larry Craig: loses his balance on account of his wide stance, falls, hits hit head on the toilet

Ted Kennedy: dehydration

Jimmy Carter: choking on a falafel

Silvio Berlusconi: impaled upon a stiletto heel

Kim Jong Il: hairspray explosion

Charlie Rangel: gets paper cut while filing taxes, gets infected and goes septic

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